Our Ingredients

Beber is committed to sourcing ingredients from trustworthy providers who care for both their product and the environment. All of our almonds and honey come from local, sustainable producers. When ingredients can not be purchased in a local marketplace, we buy from certified organic and fair-trade retailers.

To craft the best almondmilk, we start with the very best almonds. Every bottle includes nearly half a pound of the highest quality, organic, California-grown almonds. By starting with sweet and creamy whole almonds we don't need to add any flavors or thickeners to our milk. Almondmilk that tastes like almonds, plain and simple.

Our lavender almondmilk is an ode to our hometown and the fragrant lavender fields found throughout Northern California. We selected a premium variety of culinary lavender which lends a floral sweetness to our signature flavor.

Vanilla is a very special and prized ingredient. We value flavor and sustainability in equal measure so we use only real vanilla extract made from fair trade and organic vanilla beans.

Honey is our sweetener of choice for its delicate and balanced sweetness. We are proud to work with local beekeepers who are focused on sustainability and bee colony conservation.

We set out to create a rich and full-bodied chocolate almondmilk that would be loved by kids and grown-up chocolate lovers alike. We use raw, fair trade, organic cacao to ensure the best possible flavor and quality.

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